It’s not a garment, it’s magic. It’s a way back home.

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Conscious, sustainable & magical

Witches Sisterhood is an ecological clothing brand highlighting the ancient archetypal soul of the witch disguised as a contemporary woman. A woman who’s searching for a way to escape the fast pace of everyday life, and finds her peace of mind through her daily envigorating rituals. Clothing serves her as a magical tool, keeping her in touch with her inner strength.

Clothing held a magical value for our ancestors. Fabrics were often intertwined with symbols protecting them from evil forces. Their tradition is found on the principle of respect and nature worship, which meant respecting their heirloom clothes made out of natural materials.

We are not only aware that their wisdom can empower us, we believe that it’s a necessity in today’s fast-paced life. Therefore once you adopt a Witches Sisterhood piece, you also receive instructions on performing a ritual, which will imbue a piece of magic into the fabric. The clothes will protect you and keep you connected to your inner power, no matter what happens in the outer world.

Our ethics

The future we want to cocreate is respectful to nature and humans. It is the future, where women are empowered and have the support system of the community.

Witches Sisterhood clothing is made by women, to whom we are connected on a personal level. They create in their own spaces and at their own pace. Mutual respect is one of the main ingredients. Our products are made locally in Celje, by a family company with a long tradition.

Materials we use are sustainably sourced, which means that no harmful dyes or other chemicals have been used in the process of production and are gentle to the skin and the environment. In spite of this, we are still learning and strive to improve our products every day.

We mainly use GOTS certified eco-cotton. GOTS represents the highest quality standard for ecological textile production. It controls the use of pesticides, formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals. All chemicals used must conform to the highest standards of biodegradability and must not be toxic. The wastewaters must be filtered and cleaned thoroughly before their release into nature.

GOTS certificate assures us that the workers in the production process have been paid fairly and work in appropriate work conditions complying with the ILO standards.

Witches Sisterhood is a kinder alternative to fast fashion.

Choose your own #WitchesSisterhood styling

Choose your own #WitchesSisterhood styling

We are a reminder

We remind women of their true nature. Their origins, their inner power, their community. With Witches Sisterhood, we provide tools to recognize each other and recognize the power within themselves. It’s not a garment, it’s magic. It’s a way back home.


Feel the fabric, pay attention to 

how your body responds to touching it,

sense the story behind it,

what feelings stear in you?

Let the garment remind you of

your daily rituals.

Join the community, use #WitchesSisterhood.


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