The story behind the collection Higly Sensitive Goddess

Chilly weather and shorter days turn our attention to the inside. The warm, cozy space where we feel relaxed, at home, secure. We wanted our collection to mirror that feeling and invite you to explore your inner world.

So we've placed the prints on the inner side of clothes ...

They are for your eyes only, put there to remind you of your magical nature and inner strength.



AW21 it praises sensibility, a beautiful trait often perceived as a weakness. We slowly dive into uncovering the secret strength of sensibility and present it as what it is deep inside: the ultimate strength.

Being sensitive means being in tune with the world around you, sensing its tiniest shifts, and esponding to them. Sensitivity goes hand in hand with intuition, and when they join forces, creativity is born.

So do't let society tell you sensitivity is a weakness. Instead, recognize its potential, embrace its nfluence, and unlock its power!

Modern witches are a powerful combination of compassionate but fierce, kind and supportive, but with clear and firm boundaries. And that strength comes from the unlikely of places – their sensitivity.

Being soft has had a bad reputation for years. We were conditioned to believe that to succeed, we need to be ruthless, that the world will be unkind to those who have't built walls around their vulnerability.

We were praised for »being strong« by not allowing our emotional being to be fully expressed. But the world is slowly waking up and embracing the true power of sensitivity. And we are here to celebrate it!




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