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Is this your child: prefers being a little witch or Merlin over a prince or princesses from an early age? A mini minimalist who came into this world with a unique sense of style? Then look no further! After successfully writing a story of witchessisterhood for several years now, a new generation of kids and moms emerged: with a sense of urgency for climate change and empathetic problem solving. 

We are introducing the “Witches Sisterhood Youth”, a unique line made with your child’s safety and style in mind. Thoughtful design accompanied with natural ecological materials that breathe, support both nature and nature lovers, is now available on a pre-sale! unisex collection made out of t-shirts, tracksuits and overalls is suitable for all genders and age ranges.

Inspired by a state of wonder and amazement at a creature whose personality, interests, and preferences are only revealed before our eyes, the AWE collection is being born. When we allow ourselves to see, here and now, without our projections of how it should be, we get in touch, not only with the child in front of us but with a child inside of us.

Shop Wiches Sisterhood Youth collection here.

  • Pre-orders start on Wednesday the 1st of September 2021 and it will last until Friday the 10th of September 2021. 
  • Domestic and international shipments will start latest on September the 18th 2021.
  • You can choose between t-shirts & tracksuits for the children aged 0-10 y/0 & baby overalls for the infants in between 0-12 months.


More about the collection

After the Witches Sisterhood has begun a journey of exploring our innate magic, it is time to welcome a new generation – Witches Sisterhood Youth, a collection for our magical offspring. After the success of Witches Sisterhood, it is time to welcome a new generation – Witches Sisterhood Youth, a collection for our magical offspring.

In matching prints, it will become a favorite of kids who have always preferred witches and mages to princesses and princes.  For lovers of minimalism, the pieces are also available without print.  Our pieces will enthrall all the lovers of nature and thoughtful design. It will be loved by sensible souls who luxuriate in natural, ecological, and breathable materials, and adored by everyone who supports a more responsible, ethical, and local production.

Witches Sisterhood Youth is a unisex collection. It was inspired by the awe of witnessing tiny humans start discovering and shaping their personalities, interests, and wishes. But we can only enjoy this process if we let ourselves really see – here and now, without our expectations of how it should be.

The Awe collection is rooted in accepting everything we are – from our first months of life onwards.



The entire collection is made of ecological cotton with a GOTS (Global Organic TextileStandard) certificate, representing the highest quality standard for ecological materials.

Because of its hypoallergenic nature, ecological cotton is the perfect choice for gentle child skin. Prints are made with the screen printing technique and are completely harmless even if put in the mouth.

The GOTS certificate ensures:

o If a product is labeled organic, it needs to contain at least 95% organically
manufactured material.

o Colorants and other fabric stabilizers are strictly regulated and have to adhere to regulations regarding toxicity and biodegradability. 

o Adding heavy metals, formaldehyde, and genetically modified ingredients is

o Accessories on products from ecological cotton are not allowed to contain plastic elements, PVC, nickel, or chrome.

o Waste water from the production process needs to be cleaned in water
treatment plants.

o All producers and manufacturers of ecological fabric need to comply with social standards.
o GOTS performs a two-step quality control – inspection at the production site and testing the end-product for traces of non-permitted components.

GOTS has been established in 2002 based on the initiative from the leading

organizations for setting up organic products standards, joined into a group called International Working Group: 

o International Association Natural Textile Industry (IVN), Germany
o Soil Association (SA), England
o Organic Trade Association (OTA), USA
o Japan Organic Coton Association (JOCA), Japan

Who made the product

The entire collection was made by LANAbe family company from Celje. They have over 35 years of experience in producing textiles. Their priceless knowledge and skills ensure the high quality of our products. They are specialized in elastic materials, which demand state-of-the-art technical equipment along with specific and rare skills.

Witches Sisterhood Youth is sewn by Mr. Brega, who has been with the company since its very beginning.

Optimal care of the product

Wash at 40 degrees Celsium.

GOTS certificate ensures hypoallergenic material, ideal for sensitive child skin. To help protect those qualities and the environment, we recommend the use of ecological washing powder.

Prints are made with the screen printing technique and are completely harmless even if put in the mouth.





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