About us

" I think I’ve always been pulled towards the archetype of a witch or the traditional witchcraft so as a result I started playing around with this vision of the ancient archetypical soul of a witch disguised as a modern woman, and the rituals she might embody to rest, and restore her strength  after participating in the fast pace of modern life.

I started thinking about what garments this soul would wear that would make her blend in, but stand out in order to be recognized by her fellow witches, reminding her of her roots.  

Thus, the idea of the witches sisterhood organic fashion brand was born.

The clothes I create are on all levels interconnected with my personal life. They are the manifestation of all my interests and explorations; of all the inspiring people I have met and have touched me on my path of inner experience and personal style at a certain time. Each and every piece has their own story. It is my greatest pleasure when these stories interlace with yours - women who wear my clothes. "


Janja Videc, founder and designer





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